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Live at Flying Steamshovel in Rossland BC. "Say No" this version sans guitar

It gives me great pleasure to introduce my latest music video.

Directed by Ben Walker and filmed by Bohdan Dorval.

GO OUTSIDE - A song about how stepping outside your comfort zone and how that can be really rewarding if you have the courage to try. Disclaimer- just because the lyric says "you won't die" doesn't mean it couldn't happen (lol).  I'm talking about when you have anxiety and you think you are going to die when really you'll be just fine. Enjoy!

We Built a Home (official Video)

 First release off of  Sexton's first album 'Granted'. All  proceeds from this songs sales go to the Rossland Miners Hall attic renovation.

From Sonicanimation Album 'Once More from the Bottom' and Electro Social Club stage show, here is Punk on the Dance Floor featuring Morgan Evans, Sexton Blake and Rupert Keiller.

I will be Twisted filmed live at Sydney's HomeBake Festival 2013

Ski Bum The Musical photo compilation to 'Strap it In'

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